Heel Care

Suffering from cracked heels  and dark smelly feet??

Here are some tips to take care of your feet this winter season ANDDDDDDDDD for all seasons to follow.


The first step to repairing your cracked heels involves soaking them in warm water. Ensure that you dip them in a tub of lukewarm water, With 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, Epsum salt and an aroma therapy oil(optional-if you do have it the results would be great!). Keep them soaked till the cracks soften a bit, say for 15 mins.


Apply some liquid soap or left over shampoo and remove the dead cells from your heels, using a pumice stone and an exfoliating scrub or a loofah , and if you are an desi like me use besan (chickpea flour would be awesome!). Besan acts as a scrub, tigthens your skin and gives it a natural glow and that’s the reason  why many girls use it for fairness purposes. Make sure that you do this gently as vigorous scrubbing can lead to bleeding. Now take a soft cotton towel and pat your feet dry. Make sure you scrub all the parts of your feet properly specially in between your toes  and under the toenails.


Just like any other part of your body, your feet too needs regular moisturisation. Apply some moisturising lotion or a foot massage cream and rub it gently till it dissolves completely. Wear slippers while walking around the house after applying the oil/lotion to avoid dirt sticking to your feet.


If you have a really tanned and dark feet ofcourse due to lack of caring and cause you woke up just now to the reality that you do have feet which needs to be taken care of (pun intended) – Bleaching your feet would be of great help. But just for the first session and then on regular care should be taken.


Go for foot massages (who am I kidding!) I know its  too much of an hassel and a self foot massage before every bath would ensure the same results and pedicure in regular intervals say every 15-20 days as it will keep your feet soft, hydrated and crack-free.


Always put on a pair of loose socks (tight socks disrupts the blood circulation) before going to bed.

If you have benefited from this post then go check your mom’s feet and give her a pedicure – gain ajar and spend quality time with her. And mom’s feet do need to be taken care of – as paradise lies beneath them ;). We don’t need big bangs to make our mothers realize that they are special – mostly its just a small act backed up by the right intention that makes a whole lot off difference.

Mu’aawiyah Ibn Juhaymah radhiyallahu anhumaa relates: My father, Juhaymah radhiyallahu anhu, went to the Apostle of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam  and said, ‘I intend to go on Jihaad and have come to seek your advice.’ The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam  asked him, ‘Is your mother alive?’ ‘Yes’ he replied. ‘Then stay with her and look after her needs. Your Heaven lies under her feet’ said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam .

[Ahmad, Nasa’ee]

Toodles! 8)

Sisterly Yours

Amatullah SNQ


2 thoughts on “Heel Care

  1. What do you mean bleach?the only bleach I know of is toilet bleach, or the type hairdressers use :S and a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, where do you get that? Aren’t both suggestions dangerous? Sorry very confused…

    • As salam aleycum wr wb fiza 🙂
      lol! by bleach i mean the one that is used for face aswell – and a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide is totally safe and you can easily purchase it at any beautyshop or at your local pharmacy 🙂
      Hope that helps!

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