Tafseer of Surah Yaseen: Ayahs 5-7


Tanzeela alAAazeezi arraheem
Sahih International
[This is] a revelation of the Exalted in Might, the Merciful


Litunthira qawman ma onthiraabaohum fahum ghafiloon
Sahih International
That you may warn a people whose forefathers were not warned, so they are unaware.


Laqad haqqa alqawlu AAalaaktharihim fahum la yu/minoon
Sahih International
Already the word has come into effect upon most of them, so they do not believe.


  • The brief translation of 5th ayah is that which has been sent from the Azeez Ar-Raheem. The word tanzeel comes from root which means to send something down, to descend this particular form means to send something down – within Qur’an there is another word which means the same INZAAL both “tanzeel” and “inzaal” mean to send something down.
  • So what’s the difference between the two? Anzala means to send something down all at once! Previous divine scriptures Torah, Injeel were send them down all at once but was Qur’an revealed all at once? No it was revealed over a span of 23 yrs. Tanzeel means something that which is send little by little.
  • About the Qur’an Itself sometimes Allah uses anzal and tanzeel so what does this mean??Examples of which can be seen in Surah Qadr (inna anzalnahu fi laylatul qadr) and Surah Baqarah( when Allah is talking about Ramadan – So there is a obvious contradiction- ho‘shahru ramadan allazhee unzila fiehi quran’) how do we explain that?? (SubhanAllah the explanation is amazing!!) In Surah Qadr – Allah had sent down the Qur’an all at once from “Lauhal Mahfuz – the preserved tablet” to the sky nearest to the earth and from there Jibreel (as) would bring it to the earth in portions little by little – subhanAllah.And  that happened on the night of Qadr and when does night of Qadr occur?? IN THE MONTH OF RAMADAN!
  • What was the purpose of sending Qur’an little by little – Allah is showing us practically that Quran is supposed to be absorbed little by little.
  • Therefore Quran was sent down to prophet from AZEEZ– Azeez means – he who dominates and nobody can dominate him- Powerful, Firm, Strong, Dominating.
  • Ar-Raheem comes from the root word of mercy “Rahma” which means constantly merciful. Using these two specific attributes of Allah also has a reason and great importance – because in the next 2 ayaahs Allah talks about people who reject the Qur’an-for them Allah would be firm and strong.
  • In Ayah 11 – Allah talks about people who will accept Qur’an and follow it and for them Allah is Ar-Raheem.
  • Ayah 6th translates as “therefore you can warn people whose forefathers were not warned therefore they are “Ghafiloon” completely heedless.
  • Ayah 6 requires a little bit of historic explanation – Ibrahim is the forefather of many prophets – Ibrahim (as) started two lines of progenies – BANU ISHAQ (the children of ishaq) and BANU ISMAIL (the children of ismail) – Majority of messengers came from progeny of banu ishaq(zakariya and others)- banu ismail dint get any messengers till prophet muhammad salAllahu aleyhi sallam – therefore for arabs a messenger had not comes for 1000’s of years. Therefore Allah says he is azeez and ar raheem to these people who are heedless “ghafiloon”. Majority of scholars have translated “ghafiloon” as heedless , oblivious, have a lack of purpose in their life, they know they are heedless and they are happy and content with it.
  • In Surah Qasas Ayaah No. 46 Allah points out the same thing and says
    Wama kunta bijanibi attooriith nadayna walakin rahmatanmin rabbika litunthira qawman ma atahum minnatheerin min qablika laAAallahum yatathakkaroon
    Sahih International
    And you were not at the side of the mount when We called [Moses] but [were sent] as a mercy from your Lord to warn a people to whom no warner had come before you that they might be reminded.

  • What is the purpose of Qur’an?
  • Did he give you the Qur’an to decorate your walls? Or Recite it at your weddings?We are limiting Qur’an and its purpose to decoration,formality and usage for auspicious occasions. That’s where we are going wrong. The main purpose of Qur’an is to wake people up to warn them! Let the Qur’an be your wake up call. And that’s the message we need to spread in our communities and society. Even if they have been lost for generations.
  • In the 7th ayah Allah tells us Already the word has come into effect upon most of them, so they do not believe.
  • From the Qur’an we know that prophet was sent for as a messenger for the whole of humanity but the first ones to receive his message were to Quraish. Hence, here Allah is talking specifically to them.
  • In ayah 6 Allah is commanding prophet (salAllahu aleyhi wasallam) to warn the Quraish and snap them out of their sleeps and wake them up to the message of Qur’an.
  • In ayah 7 Allah swt is showing prophet (salAllahu aleyhi wasallam) the reality of the matter. lam ل is for ta”keed, qad is for further ta”keed [emphasis], qad قَد = pounding fist on table/podium when one talks and pounds fist on podium, he’ serious about what he’s saying.
  • Qad قَد serves as an emphasize – qad قَد has thick sound, very powerful sound, it echoes
  • HAQQ means that which is stable, constant, solid but it also comes in the meaning of that which is reality, that which happens, its confirmed there is no doubt about it.
  • What is this “Qawl” that Allah is talking about?
  • Allah tells us about the story of Adam and ibless(shaytan/satan). Allah created Adam (as) and commanded the angels to bow down to him – iblees refused – he was arrogant he argued with Allah-disobeyed. Allah cast him off, cursed him, sent him away from his mercy. Iblees requested time till day of judgment he commits his life to make them all go astray, he’s going to come at them from the front, behind, left and right. He argued with Allah “You created me from fire and he was created from dust..”
  • He says to Allah stubbornly and arrogantly “You will say majority of them are not grateful to You.” – And he swear by Allah’s Majesty that he will do this.
  • Surah Sad : Allah says, Verse 84 and 85
    Transliteration: Qāla Fālĥaqqu Wa Al-Ĥaqqa ‘Aqūlu
    Sahih International: [Allah] said, “The truth [is My oath], and the truth I say –
    Transliteration: La’amla’anna Jahannama Minka Wa Mimman Tabi`aka Minhum ‘Ajma`īna
    Sahih International: [That] I will surely fill Hell with you and those of them that follow you all together.”
  • Story of shaytaan and Adam occurs in 7 places in Quran: Surah Al-Baqarah, Araaf, Hijr, Israa, Kahf, Tahaa, Sad.
  • Even in Surah yaseen ayah 70 Allah talks about the punishment that has been decided  – “Punishment has been decided and decreed upon those people who are ungrateful and disbelieve in Allah.”
  • Allah is telling Prophet (salAllahu aleyhi wasallam) that decision has been confirmed for majority of the people you are making dawah to, so don’t expect these people to end up becoming Muslims.
  • One questions remains: when Allah is telling prophet saw that Allah sent the Quran down so he can warn people why tell him ‘by the way, majority of them will end up in hellfire and they won’t believe.” Its because Allah swt wants to console Prophet (salAllahu aleyhi wasallam) because in Mecca he was dealing with a lot of difficulty. The people were arrogant, aggressive and even violent towards him.
  • Allah wanted to lift up the morale of prophet he wanted to bring prophet’s spirit back. Because prophet had this amazing quality of blaming self when something went wrong. We usually see two kinds of people – when things go wrong – the first kind blames others (which we sadly notice a lot in our ummah) and the other rare ones are those who blame themselves. Rasool Allah was from the latter lot.
  • Rasool Allah had this amazing quality of selflessness, empathy, sympathy, compassion and he would blame himself. And he embodied this quality like no other human being.
  • He was merciful to the extent that Allah mentions in Surah Kahf (18:6)
    Transliteration: Fala`allaka Bākhi`un Nafsaka `Alá ‘Āthārihim ‘In Lam Yu’uminū Bihadhā Al-Ĥadīthi ‘Asafāan
    Sahih International: Then perhaps you would kill yourself through grief over them, [O Muhammad], if they do not believe in this message, [and] out of sorrow.
  • Imagine Allah telling the Prophet to take it easy.
  • In the story of Taif-which marks a very powerful situation in the life of Prophet when he was stoned, humiliated and bled. He even became unconscious. And when he a moments rest he raised his hands and made this dua instead of cursing the people of Taif or making the dua for their destruction –
    “Oh allah I complain to You of my lack of resources, creativity, effort, and I complain to you of the lack of my respect in the eye of people.”
  • The Prophet is saying “They didn’t refuse the message because of You, I’m the problem, I messed up, please forgive me.” Rasool Allah was that giving, generous, forgiving and kind. So Allah would have to console him and tell him “it’s okay, relax”. Allah had to tell him “these people, they’re not going to believe, stop destroying yourself”.


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