Shireen’s Poem Dedication lol – 20th Aug 2011 ❤ :’)

I am generally very very stingy with duas but its you I remember before Iftar
I was living in the darkness of my misery and you appeared in it like a BRIGHTT star
How I hated your optimism but in a short while you rubbed it on to me
……Words would do no justice to express what you are in my life shamsi..

I have found a close sister in you, a true friend and an occasional bully,
Although I know you for long but I haven’t understood you fully 😛 😛
You have that cute little special place in my heart 
You are so charming, GIRLY and surprisingly smart! 😉

I guess what I am trying to say is that I soo hardcore love you! 
When your heart aches, mine does too!
So if there’s anyone who tries to make you cry
You know who to contact, Ismail bhai 😛 

I can hardly wait to come over to your house,
Bring you biryani and Haleem from shah ghouse 
(things that I write to make the rhyms! :P)
I love youuuuu and I can never express it enough, 
You are my support when times are tough..

And then there’s me and my *ahem ahem* jealousy 
How I wish I could keep you all just for me.. 
But I know that sounds kinda psycho 
So yeah, I need to learn to let go … 

Even if my dreams don’t ever come true, 
I really hope and pray yours do..
Because you’re the most genuinely nice person I know
P.s. you’re a HAWT babe from like head to toe

So now I must resume back to counting days, 
Before I get to see your nice, cute face!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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