He who has no one has Allah – Shaykh Navaid Aziz

1 – We need to change our perspective to see the reality of this world. We live with all the luxury and comfort, but we forget even the blessings are a test from Allah (swt). That is the reality: this life is a test.

2 – Trials and Tribulation is not only calamity or pain, it is also the blessings. Whether we are being tested by pain or pleasure, they should both lead to Allah (swt).

3 – When it comes to tests, we have 2 choices: deal with the pain and get close to Allah (swt), or prolong the pain and collect pity from people. Don’t get in to isolation, as prolonged isolation is very detrimental to the situation. This is when we need to be next to the believers, who will remind us of Allah (swt).

4 – Its not about how we live in this world, it is about how we will be raised in front of Allah (swt). Whatever we die upon, is what we shall be raised upon. So let our last deed be the best deed.

5 – There is a blessing in trials that we don’t perceive. Trials and tribulations are means of purification. The punishment of Allah (swt) is not out of anger or His wrath, its a mean to cleansing and preparation to go to Al-ferdous or Al-ala.

6 – There is no true contentment and satisfaction in this world, it is only in akhira. No money or worldly pleasure can fully satisfy us – it will always bring equal or more pain.

7 – Allah (swt) will never bring a trial that a soul can’t bear. It is a promise by Allah (swt). So, we should never say ‘it is too much or can’t bare it’.

8 – There is always some one who is being trialed more than us. For ex., if we live in the West, we are already among the 5% elite of the world. 95% people are in worst position than us.

9 – Pain and suffering only becomes negative if it creates a barrier between you and Allah (swt) but it becomes positive, pain becomes positive, a motivation for you when it brings you back to Allah (swt).

The statement of Umar bin Khattab (rA) on what they used to do during trials and tribulations:
“We used to thank Allah (swt) for 3 things: 1- that this trial is not in our deen; 2- that this trial is not as worse as it could have been; 3- we were grateful that Allah (swt) allowed us to be patient during the trial”

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “An individual who is patient in times of adversity, incurs the pleasure of Allah (swt). An individual who is not patient, incurs the wrath of Allah (swt).”

The Prophet (pbuh) said: “If any one of you have ever been tried by a tribulation, then let him remember his trials and tribulation through my calamity. Indeed it is the biggest of trials.”

“Fate rarely calls upon the people at a time of their choosing. In time of trials and tribulations, you have a decision to make: Either you can choose to get close to Allah (swt) and achieve paradise. Or you can live with your pain, seek the pity of people, let the pain get worst and create your own destruction. We started this talk saying: ‘He who has no one has Allah’, but I want to end it with an opposite view of the same statement: ‘He who has Allah, has every thing’.” – Sh. Navaid Aziz


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