Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge – Day 5

Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge

Surah Ya-Sin (Verses 28 – 40)

Names of Allah Learnt

  1. Al Aziz / Al Azeez – The Victorious.
  2. Al Alim / Al Aleem – The Knower of All.

10 Arabic Words Memorized

  1. Anzalna – We sent down.
  2. Ala – Upon.
  3. Min – Any.
  4. Mina – From.
  5. Wahidatan – One.
  6. Maa – Not.
  7. Ibadi – The Servants.
  8. Rasulin – Messenger.
  9. Ardu – The Earth.
  10. Jannatin – Gardens.


Allah tells us how He destroyed this nation with just one shout! He sent no armies of angels because these people were so low they dint deserve it (usually Allah sends an army or a battalion of angels to destruct from the skies/heaven). They rejected every messenger that came to them. In the 31st Verse Allah addresses Quraish and tells them how He erased the previous generations. We see how history is repeating itself with Quriash, Allah says even though the previous generations were erased they will be gathered together in front of Allah in the hereafter.
Allah links it to the similitude of the dead earth and how He subhanahu wa’ta’aala brings it back to life.
In the following verses the second important theme of Surah Yasin that is the concept of tawhid is introduced. We are told how Allah has blessed us with the luxury of palms and grapevines and fruits. Nothing is possible without the facilitation of Allah. Allah is attributing glory and perfection to the One Who created pairs in everything. Allah now points out some pairs that He created like the
And how everything and how they function is a testimony of Allah’s ultimate and sole perfection.

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For Detailed Study
1. http://www.linguisticmiracle.com/yasin
2. Tafseer Ibn Kathir – http://www.qtafsir.com/

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zX-Jy6oO2k

1. http://quran.com/36
. http://corpus.quran.com/

3. http://www.arabacademy.com/en/downloads/Learn-Arabic-English-translation-of-99-names-of-Allah



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