Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge – Day 7

Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge

Surah Yasin (Verses 41 – 60)
20 Verses for 2 Days – Since I Missed 1 day in between.

Names of Allah Learnt

  1. Ar Rahman – The Compassionate / Most Merciful.
  2. Ar Raheem – The All Merciful / The Most Merciful.

10 Arabic Words Memorized

  1. Wa-aayatun – And a sign.
  2. Wa-Khalaqna – And we created.
  3. Rahmatan – (by) Mercy.
  4. Illa – Except.
  5. Ilaa – For
  6. Ittaqun – Fear.
  7. Aamanu – Believed.
  8. Mubeenin – Clear.
  9. Haadha – This.
  10. Wahidatan – Single.


I want to highlight a very important point before we move onto the explanation. Notice how its like Allah is directing our vision. It is almost like we are standing and our head and vision is made to move:
1. Earth is mentioned – We are made to look at the ground.
2. Sun and Moon are mentioned – We are made to look at the sky.
3. Now in this session and Verse 41 ships, sea and how Allah holds them above water is mentioned (The Ark of Nuh aleyhi salaam) – if we imagine this we would be standing straight with our vision overlooking the end of the seas.
Moving onto our gist we are told how Allah sustains ships on water surface and if He wanted he could have drowned them (notice the function of tawhid and reliance on Allah alone!). Allah tells us how it is His mercy alone which makes all kinds of transport possible
1. A small hole in the ship will sink it.
2. A small piece of ice/snow on the road can result in a car accident.
From Ayah 45-50 we are told how the disbelievers reject the truth even after having been shown so many signs and how they ridicule and question about the Day of Judgement. In return of this misbehavior Allah ensues a stern warning – a similar conclusion was witnessed in the Verse 29. A single piercing sound will extinguish them in entirety while they are still busy refusing, rejecting and disputing.
“Remember how in the 1st post about Surah Ya-sin – I mentioned the surah is divided into 3 parts? The 3rd part begins from Verse 51”
Allah tells us the trumpet will be blown and everyone will race towards Allah (whether they like it or not for judgement). The People are pushed and herded together like cattle.
The disbelievers and the evil people ask who lifted them from their “relaxing sleep”? One might question how was the grave relaxing for them? Because The Day of Judgment will be so horrific, their graves would seem relaxing. Allah replies this is the Day of Judgment and that the messengers spoke to truth!
On the Day of Judgement all accounts will be set straight. The companions of paradise will be happy and will be reclining on raised couches and eating fruits of paradise 😀 (Quickly pause here and make dua that Allah makes us from among those!). They will also be congratulated by the greeting of “Salaam = Peace” from the Merciful Lord.
In Ayah 59 the attention is switched to the people of the left hand, the people of hellfire – the evil ones. Allah calls these people criminals.
“IMPORTANT WORD ANAYLSIS – “MUJRIM” – Doesn’t just mean criminal it means, sentenced, convicted-criminal.”
Allah reminds these evil people these criminals of How He subhanahu wa’ta’aala had asked the unbelievers to not become slaves of shaytan and his system.

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For Detailed Study
1. http://www.linguisticmiracle.com/yasin
2. Tafseer Ibn Kathir – http://www.qtafsir.com/

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zX-Jy6oO2k

1. http://quran.com/36
3. http://www.arabacademy.com/en/downloads/Learn-Arabic-English-translation-of-99-names-of-Allah


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