Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge – Day 8

Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge

Surah Yasin (Verses 41 – 60)
20 Verses for 2 Days – Since I Missed 1 day in between.

Names of Allah Learnt

  1. Al Aleem / Al Alim – The All Knowing / The Knower of all.
  2. Al Khaliq – The Supreme Creator / The Creator.

10 Arabic Words Memorized

  1. Hadha – This.
  2. Siratun – (is) a Path.
  3. Hadhihi – This (is).
  4. Jahannamu – (the) Hell.
  5. Takfuruna – Disbelieve.
  6. Aydihim – Their Hands.
  7. Khalqi – The Creation.
  8. Dhikrun – A Reminder.
  9. Hayyan – Alive.
  10. Alladhi – The One who.


Allah reminds us of how He subhanahu watala had warned us to worship Him alone and not the shaytan. How Shaytan has led people astray before and yet many fail to understand his plots. Allah sentences the criminals, the disbelievers to the hell fire to burn, something they so blatantly and arrogantly denied.
The crime and sins of the disbelievers will be exposed by the witness of their mouths, hands and feet. Allah further mentions how He could punish by erasing their eyes, paralyzing and deforming them if He subhanahu wa’ta’aala so willed.
** Regarding the 68 Ayah you will need to, have to and should study ‘detailed tafsir at linguistic miracle to really understand what it means and how profound it is – there is noway I can sum it up! Personally it blew my senses away – SubhanAllah Qur’an is so deep!**
Allah then sidetracks the accusations of the kuffar who were labeling Prophet Muhammad salallahu aleyhi wasallam as a poet. Allah simply puts it that Qur’an is a book of guidance for those who are alive. Allah gives numerous signs in the following ayahs and questions the ungratefulness of the disbelievers. But sadly the kuffar have taken up false deities as their gods who will be brought forward as an army, they will stand right by them watching their punishments without any interference – this is the ultimate humiliation that the disbelievers will face!
Prophet Muhammad salallahu aleyhi wasallam is consoled and advised to not pay attention to the speech and accusations of the disbelievers. Doesn’t the human being realize where he came from? Basically from Filth (i.e., sperm) – and yet he still makes a scene and argues against his responsibility of being grateful. The arrogance of humans have clouded their judgement. Silly humans question ” Who will bring them back to life from bones” to which Allah replies “The one who brought you to life in the first place from nothing!”. Allah is capable of anything and everything. He subhanahu wa’at’aala needs to say “be” and no matter what the command is-it is carried out.
Allah controls everything and to Him is our return.

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For Detailed Study
1. http://www.linguisticmiracle.com/yasin
2. Tafseer Ibn Kathir – http://www.qtafsir.com/

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zX-Jy6oO2k

1. http://quran.com/36

3. http://www.arabacademy.com/en/downloads/Learn-Arabic-English-translation-of-99-names-of-Allah


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