Bayyinah Tv / Ramadan – Day 3+4 – Surah Al Hadid Part 2

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Days 3 and 4 of the Ramadan 2013 Program bring the second of two parts of an exclusive session conducted by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan on Surah Al-Hadid, which will set the stage for the Musabbihat (3 special surahs) coming up as this month progresses.


1. Allah has full news of what you are upto.

2. Man tha allathee yuqriduAllaha qardan hasanan fayudaAAifahulahu walahu ajrun kareem – Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He will multiply it for him and he will have a noble reward? (Surat Al Hadid 57 : Verse 11) The “tha” in the above ayah means “is there anyone at all who will rise up to the occasion?” It implies that Allah azza ja wa jal is literally searching for someone like this.

Surat Al Hadid 57:11 3. After telling us, that Allah is the owner of everything and anything possible in the heavens and in the earth, why is Allah asking for a loan? Loan is given to someone who does not have anything right? ( After this question – Ustadh Nouman mentioned something so powerful I will be transcribing it word to word)

Why is Allah asking for a Loan? You have to understand this is a matter of integrity. INTEGRITY! In order to help you understand this,I will give you an example it is gonna hurt. Example– If my mother comes to me, my mother comes to me and says “beta can i borrow 100$? I promise, I will pay it back,I dont know when I will be able to pay it back but I promise I will pay you back, can I borrow just a 100$ please?”  If my mother had to say that to me,man…. if there was ever a time I would contemplate suicide that would be it. How insensitive and greedy and oblivious to the needs of my mother must I be and how greedy must she think I am that instead of telling me “give me a 100$!” she had to say what? “Let me borrow a 100$” and on top of that she had to say “I dont know when I will be able to pay you back but I promise you I will”. She must be talking like this because she thinks I am SO! greedy! I am SO! greedy! I dont even respect my mother enough – that she is asking me like this. Now Allah is asking the greedy Muslim who is holding onto his money like it is his and so Allah says to him okay you dont wanna let it go, atleast give me what? Give me a loan, I will pay you back.  The believer should hear these ayat… and.. YA ALLAH…. I am not that greedy… I will give.. I will give…

4. The loan to Allah is open ended, He azza wa jal will pay us back whenever He wants. We just need to trust Him subhanahu wa’atala that He will pay us back. Allah will give us back extra coupled with “noble ajar”.

5. What was happening when these verses were revealed? The companions were listening and crying (reflecting on the state of their emaan) and the prophet salallahu aleyhi wasallam is feeling bad for his companions. The believers are being scolded by prophet through the words of Allah (Qur’an).

SubhanAllah and the haters say Muslim women are oppressed!?!
Surah Al Hadid 57 : Verse 12 Yawma tara almu/mineena walmu/minat
In this verse Allah is saying “Mumineen” and “Muminat”. Linguistically Mumineen means both male and female believers, then why did Allah mention muminat? Why dint He swt just say mumineen in the ayaat and proceed. Allah is highlighting muminat (Female believers particularly), in this way Allah is specially honoring Muslim Women! Allah is saying their level of emaan and stand might be different on the day of judgment (tears of joy!! 🙂 🙂 ) their struggles may be different. Allah is acknowledging that the struggles of Muslim women may be higher and different and so will be their stand on the day of judgement – subhanAllah!

7. The day of judgment is dark – we have to cross the bridge of sirat (everyone has to cross it -no exception) to reach to jannah our REAL HOME! – What will help us? The light that emanates because of the emaan in our hearts! (U.NAK reminds of how he earlier taught us that the only thing that matters is eeman in our hearts nothing else). Our Emaan/Faith will be converted to a torch lighting our path ahead towards jannah! (inshaAllah!)

Wa-in minkum illa wariduha – And there is none of you except he will come to it. [Surat Al Maryam 19:71]

8. Light will be running through our RIGHT HAND and our CHEST. Light from the RIGHT HAND will be because of our deeds and from our CHEST will be because of our emaan.Allah subhanahu wata’alaa never exclusively mentions light of hand or light of chest these two lights are always mentioned together.

9. MIND BLOWING GEM : So why is it that Allah mentions both the lights together “always”? Because it is impossible to have the light of emaan in your heart and to not make it obvious through actions/change/deeds. *pause here for some serious reflection* Example: Brother I have Eeman in my heart – I don’t pray though. See if this works for you on the judgement day. Because according to Qur’an you either have both or NOTHING!

10. For some of us the light will extend only for a few feet and for some it will run forward and be unlimited.

11. Allah congratulates the ones who make it to jannah. The word “jannatun” in Ayah 12 means that the people of jannah will be able to see “multiple gardens” which is possible only in jannah. In duniya we can never see more than one garden. You dont see just one property that belongs to you – YOU SEE MULTIPLE PROPERTIES TOGETHER! (Ust.NAK compares this with the man in surah Kahf who had 2 gardens and could see only 1 at a time). In surah Kahf its not Jannat.

12. On the day of judgment prophet will not be pained by the sight of munafiqeen, he will only be able to see the believers.

13. SCARY GEM : In this verse Allah highlights hypocritical women the way he praised the believing women (In verse 12). Allah is saying the hypocrisy,ego and emotions of hypocritical women is different than that of hypocritical men. It may be higher and their punishment might be greater and higher as well. Just the way Allah went out of the way to praise believing women he went out of the way to codemn hypocritical women. “Yawma yaqoolu almunafiqoona walmunafiqat – On the [same] Day the hypocrite men and hypocrite women” [Surat Al Hadid 57:13]

14. The disbelievers want to share the light of the believers but they will be told off and will be asked “to go back and seek light” (go back where? go back to duniya and see if you can find any light – this is said in a sarcastic way). All of your priorities+exhaustion and thoughts were about duniya, go and get your light from there!

15. Since the disbelievers cannot go back to duniya they try to catch up with the believers moving towards jannah and then suddenly a wall is dropped infront of them which has a “door”. The door is for people who will burn in hellfire for thousands for years and may be they had a little eeman, it is through this door that they will go back to jannah. This door might open for some eventually but they have to pay their price in hell.

16. One side of the wall is rahma (hidden side) and the other side is punishment (obvious side). The hypocrites call out to disbelievers for help through the wall.
Examples: Hey we went to the same masjid together, We played ball together why are you ditching us now.

17. The hypocrites did deeds they knew will take them away from Allah, they put themselves in fitna, they put themselves in questionable circumstances! They partied, they indulged in haraam stuff, they delayed their tawbah (Excuses:Ramadan is 3 months away man dont pester me, In Ramadan – it is not the 27th yet chill…, Don’t worry I am going to hajj next year cut me slack bro).

Alcohol and gambling are not just haraam, they are abominations and evils from the work of shaytan. Pork is haraam but they are not evil, they are just animals. Alcohol and gambling are evil!! Not every haraam is equal these are special haraam categories.

18. When you keep putting things to a later date shaytan fills you with delusions and false hopes. Until death comes and all the justifications and excuses disappear!!

19. In the akhira the munafiqoon (the hypocrite muslims) will be put in the same category as kafir (May Allah protect and guide us and keep us away from hypocrisy). No ransom will be accepted from the hypocrite believers or the unbelievers by Allah on the day of judgement.

Allah might possibly (not gauranteed He might out of his rehma) forgive other sins but shirk He will not forgive.

20. Allah is telling prophet that he will not forgive the hypocrites even if the prophet asks 70 times for their forgiveness. Munafiq is a kind of mushrik – he commits HIDDEN SHIRK.
a) Shirk in Tawakkul – His expectations are from other than Allah.
b) Shirk an Eemaani –   His hopes are from other than Allah.
c) Shirk ut-Taa’ah – His obedience is from other than Allah – he obeys himself and his desires and NOT ALLAH.

21. 16th ayah is the one I wanted to talk to you about – U.NAK

22. Hasnt the time come ALREADY?! Isnt it time right now?! LAM in the ayah means wasnt it it time right now – WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means you are already late!

Is it not time for those who claim to have eeman, that their hearts should over flow with tears? With overwhelming sense of awe and amazement? You should become humble and that power should drive you to remember Allah.

23. Time is already up. The time is RIGHT NOW to get back to Qur’an and Allah.

24. Our hearts should be filled with awe due to the remembrance of Allah. It also means the other way round our hearts should also be filled with awe because WE DID NOT remember Allah the way he deserved to be remembered.

The hearts of believers should flood with tears because of Qur’an. The believers should long for Qur’an. Our hearts should be filled with overwhelming sense of emotion that we have not connected with the Qur’an yet.

25. What came down i.e, qur’an is worthy of time and attention. It has rights over you. Qur’an is not just a casual read. It is going to come after you. You owe it. Every opportunity the believer gets to get closer to the Qur’an he/she if they have understood this ayah will take it.

26. Allah is telling us it’s time for us to stop acting like those who were given books before, the failed nations who had ritualistic and no real relation with their books. Our hearts are becoming like rocks – WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Our hearts are becoming like rocks because we are acting like the previous nations. Those who had the books, who knew how to recite, they read it but never knew what it meant. Our hearts are becoming like rocks.

27. They had taurat and injeel but they did not benefit from it.
Similar examples of Muslims these days
a) Imam saab I have fever which surah should I recite?
b) Imam saab my daughter is getting married which surah should I recite after the DJ stops playing.
c) What dua should I make from the Qur’an if I am looking for a job?
Did Qur’an come for this?
Or did qur’an come to change us as human beings and to change our hearts and to get us closer to Allah azza wa jal??

28. We are hanging Qur’an in our homes, we are printing it on silk, we are having art exhibits. Blood was spilled for this book. What are we doing with it?!!! Now everything we do with qur’an has become ceremonial.

29. We celebrate when someone memorizes quran and few years down the line when he or she is an adult they still dont know what they are reciting. The one leading taraweeh doesn’t know what he is reciting what do you expect from the congregation?!

30. We are giving our kids artificial goals. The biggest goal in their life is to lead taraweeh.

Qur’an is not a trophy. Huffadh back in the day were called  “Hamil-e-Quran” =”Carriers of Qur’an” because they knew they were carrying a big responsibility.

31. This book will either testify “for” you and me on the judgement day or it will testify “against” us.

IMPORTANT: Download the podcasts and listen to them ( it will cost you just your time. At least your salaah will be better, you will know what you are reciting.

32. WHAT MAKES RAMADAN SPECIAL? It is not the pakore or the samose or the fasting. QUR’AN CAME IN IT! The first thing Allah said about ramadan is that qur’an came in it.

Narrated by Abidah al-Mulayki (ra) Allah’s Messenger (saws) said, “Do not make the Qur’an a pillow, but recite it as it deserves to be recited during the night and the day.  Recite it aloud, chant it,  and consider its contents, perhaps you may prosper;  but do not seek to obtain reward for it in this world, for it provides rewards.”
Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 2210

“When you start tasting the recitation of the Qur’an no music will take its place, you will not need to have a fatwa whether music is halal or haraam. Music will become just irrelevant to you because qur’an the divine melody the divine music revealed music that will just flow in your heart and you will never wanna whistle a tune again. Dive and pull out the pearls of Qur’an – so you can become people of success.”
– Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan


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