What is so special about me?

“What’s so special about me?”—That you exist, as you are, out of the infinite alternatives that could have been, including your absence.
– Shaykh Musa Furber

Surat Taha 20 : 41

Ayah number 41 in my humble opinion is one of the most powerful ayaat in the qur’an. Istina means to design to customize. Allah is saying he has customized us for him. This is what you were made for, we need to understand that we were meant to serve Allah. In whatever capacity that may be serving the deen of Allah (small capacity or a huge capacity) – we were meant for that. We were made by Allah and for Allah – for his blessed mission and His task! Allah says, ‘I have manufactured you to perfection. You have come up exactly the way ‘I’ wanted. Allah (azwajjal) takes pride in His development of our being and personality.
– Tafsir of this verse by Shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangdha 

People might have a good opinion of you and people might have a bad opinion of you, none of that means anything to Allah. Allah’s opinion of you has nothing to do with people’s opinion of you. If people think you are great that is no guarantee that Allah thinks you are great. NONE!! NONE!! You are kidding yourself. If people think you are terrible… you are going to hell.. you are evil.. that is no guarantee that Allah thinks you are evil ♥ ♥ ♥  😥 Allah still has love for you. What people think of me and what people think of you MEANS NOTHING!! with Allah.. When people praise us and people condemn us we don’t let that make us think ‘O thats how Allah thinks of me’. On one hand people become delusional when people praise them, they think they are praise worthy with Allah – they become delusional – hypocrisy sets in, self righteousness sets in and they lose all ranking with Allah. Then all they get is duniya and people’s praise. And they come in front of Allah and Allah says ‘you got what you were working for – you got nothing with me’ . And on the other hand you have people who may be trying to do good but others judge them and pass verdicts on them, they start thinking ‘people think I am messed up – I must be messed up’. Who told you, you are messed up? Allah dint give up on you – You gave up on yourself. Allah says I dint judge you – I kept the doors of tawba open for you. I had the invitation open – why did you give up on me? Dont blame people, blame yourself.
– A Related Gem from Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s Talk
(Bayyinah tv – Ramadan Special – Surah Hadid Tafsir)


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