Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge – Day 11

Ramadan Quran Memorization ChallengeSurah Ar Rahman (Verses 15 – 28)

Names of Allah Learnt

  • None

7 Arabic Words Memorized

  1. Samawati – Heavens.
  2. Yawmin – Day.
  3. Wal Ardi – And the Earth.
  4. Naarin – Fire.
  5. Wardatan – Rose Coloured.
  6. La – Not.
  7. Mujrimuna – The Criminals.


The 29th Ayah starts with pointing out the entire creation’s sheer dependency on Allah alone! Allah then issues a threat to both the humans and the jinns, that soon their affairs and all that they are doing will be settled. On the Day of Judgment humans and jinns will try to escape but they wont be able to do so. When Jinns try to escape through skies they will be attacked by flames (as a punishment for trying to escape).
The sky will turn blood red in color. There will be no need to question anyone about their sins because it will be shown on their faces.

(In a sense very humiliating to think you will be treated so in front of the entire humanity – we need to keep in mind Allah is Al Adl i.e., THE MOST JUST! in His punishment and everything else)

Verse 41 
The Mujrimun (polytheists, criminals, sinners, etc.) will be known by their marks (black faces), and they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet. 
Tafsir Titbit :
We witness in this world that the meat or animals in slaughter houses are held by their heads and feet. The implication is if you decide to live like an animal (without giving thought to your desires and just blindly acting upon them), then on the Day of Judgement you will be treated like an animal.
** Also please notice and internalize that sinners are mentioned who can very much be believers but those who sinned – gives a whole new meaning to repentance and seeking forgiveness in Ramadan **

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For Detailed Study
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3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PBRnTA43FE

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Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge – Day 7

Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge

Surah Yasin (Verses 41 – 60)
20 Verses for 2 Days – Since I Missed 1 day in between.

Names of Allah Learnt

  1. Ar Rahman – The Compassionate / Most Merciful.
  2. Ar Raheem – The All Merciful / The Most Merciful.

10 Arabic Words Memorized

  1. Wa-aayatun – And a sign.
  2. Wa-Khalaqna – And we created.
  3. Rahmatan – (by) Mercy.
  4. Illa – Except.
  5. Ilaa – For
  6. Ittaqun – Fear.
  7. Aamanu – Believed.
  8. Mubeenin – Clear.
  9. Haadha – This.
  10. Wahidatan – Single.


I want to highlight a very important point before we move onto the explanation. Notice how its like Allah is directing our vision. It is almost like we are standing and our head and vision is made to move:
1. Earth is mentioned – We are made to look at the ground.
2. Sun and Moon are mentioned – We are made to look at the sky.
3. Now in this session and Verse 41 ships, sea and how Allah holds them above water is mentioned (The Ark of Nuh aleyhi salaam) – if we imagine this we would be standing straight with our vision overlooking the end of the seas.
Moving onto our gist we are told how Allah sustains ships on water surface and if He wanted he could have drowned them (notice the function of tawhid and reliance on Allah alone!). Allah tells us how it is His mercy alone which makes all kinds of transport possible
1. A small hole in the ship will sink it.
2. A small piece of ice/snow on the road can result in a car accident.
From Ayah 45-50 we are told how the disbelievers reject the truth even after having been shown so many signs and how they ridicule and question about the Day of Judgement. In return of this misbehavior Allah ensues a stern warning – a similar conclusion was witnessed in the Verse 29. A single piercing sound will extinguish them in entirety while they are still busy refusing, rejecting and disputing.
“Remember how in the 1st post about Surah Ya-sin – I mentioned the surah is divided into 3 parts? The 3rd part begins from Verse 51”
Allah tells us the trumpet will be blown and everyone will race towards Allah (whether they like it or not for judgement). The People are pushed and herded together like cattle.
The disbelievers and the evil people ask who lifted them from their “relaxing sleep”? One might question how was the grave relaxing for them? Because The Day of Judgment will be so horrific, their graves would seem relaxing. Allah replies this is the Day of Judgment and that the messengers spoke to truth!
On the Day of Judgement all accounts will be set straight. The companions of paradise will be happy and will be reclining on raised couches and eating fruits of paradise 😀 (Quickly pause here and make dua that Allah makes us from among those!). They will also be congratulated by the greeting of “Salaam = Peace” from the Merciful Lord.
In Ayah 59 the attention is switched to the people of the left hand, the people of hellfire – the evil ones. Allah calls these people criminals.
“IMPORTANT WORD ANAYLSIS – “MUJRIM” – Doesn’t just mean criminal it means, sentenced, convicted-criminal.”
Allah reminds these evil people these criminals of How He subhanahu wa’ta’aala had asked the unbelievers to not become slaves of shaytan and his system.

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For Detailed Study
1. http://www.linguisticmiracle.com/yasin
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Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge – Day 1

Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge

Surah Al Mulk – (Verses 1-15)

Importance of Surah Al Mulk 

1) The Prophet (saws) said, “There is a surah in the Qur’an which is only thirty verses. It defended whoever recited it , until it puts him into paradise i.e. Surah al Mulk” [Fath al Qadir 5/257, Sahihul Jamiea 1/680, Tabrani in Al-Awsat & Ibn Mardawaith]

2) The Prophet (saws) said, “Surah al Mulk is the protector from the torment of the grave” [Sahihul Jamiea 1/680, Hakim 2/498 & Nasai]

3) Jabir (raa) said it was the custom of the Prophet (saws) not to go to sleep until he had read Tabarakalladhi Biyadihil Mulk (i.e. Surah Mulk) and Alif Laam Meem Tanzeel. [Ahmad, Tirmidhi and Darami]

4) Anas (raa) reported Rasulullah (saws) as saying, “There is a Surah which will plead for its reciter till it causes him to enter paradise (Tabarakalladhi Biyadihil Mulk).” [Tabrani]

5) It was narrated that Abdullah ibn Mas’ood said: Whoever reads Surah al-Mulk every night, Allah will protect him from the torment of the grave. At the time of the Messenger of Allah (saws) we used to call it al-maani’ah (that which protects). In the Book of Allaah it is a soorah which, whoever recites it every night has done very well. [Sunan An-Nasa’i]

6) Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, “I wish that “Blessed is the Dominion” would be in the heart of every believer.” (Al-Hakim in Al-Mustadrak 1/253 and Qurtabi in his commentary 17/205.)

7) Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them) narrates that the Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, “It is a protector; a rescuer; saving from the chastisement of the grave.” (At-Tirmidhi and Al-Hakim.)


  • Surah Al Mulk means “The Kingdom” or “The Dominion”.
  • The 67th Surah in the Mushaf and consists of 30 Verses.
  • It is the first surah in 29th Juzz or Parah, in other words 29th Juzz or Parah begins with Surah Al Mulk.
  • Al Mulk is majorly a Meccan Surah and focuses on themes of 
    1. Dawah.
    2. Responsibility of ones actions.
    3. Day of Judgement.

Names of Allah Learnt

  1. Al Qadeer : The All Powerful/ The All Competent/ Determiner of everything.
  2. Malik Al Mulk : The Owner of All.
  3. Al Azeez : The Victorious / The Mighty.
  4. Al Ghafoor / Al Ghaffar : The Forgiving.
  5. Al Alim / Al Aleem : All Knowing.
  6. Al Latif / Al Lateef : The Subtle One / The Most kind or Courteous.
  7. Al Khabr / Al Khabeer : The All Aware / The Well Acquainted / The Ever Cognizant.

10 Arabic Words Memorized

  1. Kulli – Every.
  2. Khalaqa – Created.
  3. Mawta – Death.
  4. Hayata – Life.
  5. Amalan – (in) deed.
  6. Samawatin – Heavens.
  7. Ma – not.
  8. Adhaba – Punishment.
  9. Jahannama – (of) hell.
  10. Kullama – Everytime.

Gist (Verses 1-15)

Allah attributes complete power and control over everything to Himself (humble yourself and reflect over this point). He created life and death to test us. Allah talks about 7 layers of the heavens and how flawless His creation is. We learn how hell fire is the destination of disbelievers and how abhorrently terrible it is. It is in Surah Al Mulk that we learn how the keepers of the hell will question the disbelievers if no warner came to guide them to the righteous path. They reply back in positive saying a warner did come but they took no heed. They then lament over their denial and admit to their sins.
Allah comforts the believers with His forgiveness and tells them how He knows what their hearts conceal. He subhanahu wa’talaa posses a rhetoric question in the 14th Verse. In the 15 Verse The Earth is mentioned as a blessing for us to walk and eat from, it ends with a reminder about the resurrection.

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For Detailed Study:
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