Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge – Day 2

Ramadan Quran Memorization Challenge

Surah Al Mulk (Verses 16-30)

Names of Allah Learnt

  1. Ar Rahman : All Compassionate / The Most Merciful
  2. Al Basir / Al Baseer : The Seer of All / The All Seeing

10 Arabic Words Memorized

  1. Ghuroor / Ghururin – Delusioin.
  2. Fi – In.
  3. Dhalulan – Subservient.
  4. Haasiban – A Storm of Stones.
  5. Kayfa – How.
  6. Fakayfa – and how.
  7. Illa – Except.
  8. Shayin – Thing.
  9. Hadha – This.
  10. Siratin Mustaqim – (the) Path – Straight.

Gist (Verses 16-30)

Allah questions if we feel secure from His warnings with a reminder of the disbelief of the previous generations, their downfall and the punishment that befell upon them. Allah reminds us of His mercy through the parable of birds flying in the air. Allah tells us that He is our sole helper and that the disbelievers are in a delusion. Allah alone can provide or withhold our provision.
The followers of the straight path are guided. Allah brings to account how He created us, gave us hearing and sight, mutliplied us and that to Him is our return. When questioned by the disbelievers about the day of judgment, prophet salallahu aleyhi wasallam is commanded to reply that only Allah has knowledge of that day. The horror of disbelievers is described and the last ayah ends with a rhetoric question.

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For Detailed Study:
1. Bayyinah’s Podcast – http://podcast.bayyinah.com/2010/08/23/67-mulk-pt-1/
2. Tafseer Ibn Kathir – http://www.qtafsir.com/
3. Book by Shaykh Bilal Phillips – http://www.darussalam.com/p1433/Tafsir-Surah-Al-Mulk-by-Dr.-Abu-Ameenah-Bilal-Philips/product_info.html

1. http://quran.com/67
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4. http://www.arabacademy.com/en/downloads/Learn-Arabic-English-translation-of-99-names-of-Allah